<p>Marvel writer harassed for having a milkshake with coworkers? It's as silly as it sounds.</p>

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Her milkshake brought all the trolls to the yard.

A woman got a milkshake with some coworkers, and the internet lost its collective mind.


It’s the Marvel milkshake crew! #FabulousFlo

— Heather Antos (@HeatherAntos) July 28, 2017

Heather Antos is an editor at Marvel, where she’s worked on titles like “The Unbelievable Gwenpool” and “Star Wars.” It was Friday afternoon, and she and a few coworkers decided to get a milkshake. She snapped a quick picture of the group and posted it to Twitter with the caption, “It’s the Marvel milkshake crew! #FabulousFlo” (a reference to Flo Steinberg, a key to Marvel’s success, who passed away in July).

This totally innocent and normal photo of seven coworkers hanging out and having a good time was enough to enrage a certain section of the internet. Over the course of the coming days, Antos was flooded with tweets and direct messages accusing her of being a “fake geek girl” or calling the group a bunch of “SJWs” (SJW is short for “social justice warrior,” an epithet often used by anti-feminist types to attack people they see as trying to push a social agenda in some way or another). In other words, the response to the photo was completely bonkers and just disproportionate.

Screencaps via Twitter.

Antos, who was only trying to share a joyful moment with some colleagues, felt pretty down about the whole thing — understandably so.

The internet is an awful, horrible, and disgusting place.

— Heather Antos (@HeatherAntos) July 30, 2017

How dare I post a picture of my friends on the internet without expecting to be bullied, insulted, harrassed, and targeted.

— Heather Antos (@HeatherAntos) July 30, 2017

Woke up today to a slew of more garbage tweets and DMs. For being a woman. In comics. Who posted a selfie of her friends getting milkshakes.

— Heather Antos (@HeatherAntos) July 30, 2017

In response, Twitter users rallied around the hashtag #MakeMineMilkshake, showing solidarity with Antos and all women working in comics.

Plus, it was a pretty good excuse to step out and grab a delicious milkshake, and honestly, who doesn’t like that? (OK, aside from people who are lactose intolerant?)

Comics are for everybody. We proudly support @HeatherAntos! #MakeMineMilkshake

— Raygun Comics (@Raygun_comics) July 31, 2017

Hi @HeatherAntos. Thanks for all your hard work bringing my favorite Star Wars character to life each month! #makeminemilkshake

— Danny Porgtle! (@DannyPirtle19) July 31, 2017

Drink a milkshake to support @HeatherAntos? HELL YES. #MakeMineMilkshake #stoponlineharassment #womenincomics

— Taryn O’Neill (@tarynoneill) July 31, 2017

The official Marvel Twitter account even got in on the action, sharing a frame from “Young Avengers, Volume 2.”


— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 31, 2017

A number of artists shared some original work in support too.

The Force is strong with @HeatherAntos #MakeMineMilkshake

— Lee Garbett (@LeeGarbett) July 31, 2017

.@HeatherAntos did a Gwenpool doodle for #MakeMineMilkshake

— Levis.Doodles (@Mister_Nunya) July 31, 2017

Anyway, I couldn’t get a milkshake today, so the heroines of Treasure in the Core took my place with GALAXY MILKSHAKES! #MakeMineMilkshake

— Catrina (@ohcatrina) July 31, 2017

Fans, colleagues, and others chimed in with words of encouragement as well.

#MakeMineMilkShake With huge thanks to every woman of @marvel, superpowered or merely awesome. @HeatherAntos

— Jodie Martin (@jayelem) July 31, 2017

It’s thanks to people like @HeatherAntos that my 7yo daughter wants to read and create comics, so definitely, 100% #MakeMineMilkshake

— Barry Hutchison (@barryhutchison) July 31, 2017

Every person in that milkshake photo is a key part of what makes Marvel great. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply wrong. And an idiot.

— Wil Moss (@Wil_Moss) July 30, 2017

The fact that there are people who see a picture of a few coworkers hanging out and think, “This is what’s wrong with comics today!” is really toxic.

“Captain Marvel” writer and best-selling author Margaret Stohl let out an exasperated sigh of a tweet about some of the negative attention women in comics get simply for existing.

would be great to be hated for something other than being a girl in comics

— Margaret Stohl (@mstohl) July 30, 2017

Alanna Smith, a Marvel assistant editor who was in the original milkshake photo, summed the whole ordeal up in a tweet of her own.

The #MakeMineMilkshake support is rad, but I can’t describe how weird it is to stumble into an ideological minefield by GETTING MILKSHAKES.

— Alanna Smith (@AlannaWrites) July 31, 2017

People of all ages and genders can enjoy and create comic books.

In April, a Marvel executive made news when he said that “people didn’t want any more diversity” in comics to account for a drop in sales. But as others have pointed out, that argument doesn’t actually hold up to scrutiny.

No, “SJWs” aren’t trying to “ruin” anyone’s childhood. And even if they were, let’s just let people drink their milkshakes in peace, OK?

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